Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Live Answering Service: Becoming An Important Part of Your Customer Service Support

Your customers will be more happy if you let them talk to real people than simply directing them to an answering machine. And why not? They become more endeared and respond positively if your telephone representatives will approach them in a pleasant and professional manner. As we all know, humans demand for human attention also. Hence it becomes very necessary to use the live answering service offered by inbound call centers to facilitate a better communication between you and your customers, both during and after office hours. Even if you are not around, or you are not in the office during weekends, you can still create a point of contact for your customers 24/7.

You can't expect your customers to understand your unavailability just because you lack the time and staff to take their calls. Luckily, you can use the live answering service to meet their needs even if you are in a peak of vacation or enjoying personal life. Although paying a live answering service appears to be more costly than using an answering machine, (the reason for this is that you pay operators for the number of hours they have worked for the job), outsourcing it to inbound call centers will still make it more reasonable because you can get the results minus all the expenses of hiring full time workers and erecting facilities.

If you are planning to get live answering service by way of outsourcing, choose an inbound call center with a team of live operators who have passed the highest standard of a call center. Through their help, you can get more customers while you increase the chance of getting higher customer retention rating.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Customer Service Support: A Smart Way to Earn

A company that invests on a live answering service stands to benefit more from this set up. Through this system, they would be able to handle more call, answer customer questions much more quickly, as well as free up key personnel to concentrate more on their core competencies. There are plenty of things that a company can do once they have successfully set up an order processing system for themselves. The sky is the limit, so to speak, when it comes to producing excellent results for the firm. The added flexibility, the efficiency, as well as the time and effort freed up more than compensates for the costs incurred in using a customer service support network.

This is even better once the company decides to outsource this task to a competent contact center. There are several advantages over this set up, as well as excellent reasons why this is much more advisable than an in-house live answering team. For one, it is cheaper. Smaller firms stand to benefit from lower costs of handling incoming calls. Second, such firms often have better trained personnel to handle their client’s calls. And third, a contact center is often very reliable when it comes to facilities and equipment needed for the smooth performance of the task. All these pose quite an attractive offer for the interested company.

Will this investment be beneficial for the firm in the long run? There is no doubt about it. Given the number of firms that are using a contact center to augment their live answering operations, then this service will certainly be here to stay.