Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pushing Profitability with a Contact Center

For many firms, getting in touch with a contact center to support their business is a step towards profitability. This is especially true for those that rely on inbound customer calls to make a sale. Since each call means a sale for the company, it is expected that these firms would set up an effective order taking or customer service support systems to ensure that all calls are answered. An outsourced contact center provides an easy solution for firms that are having a problem dealing with a huge volume of calls that are coming into their business. Failure to take advantage of this volume can result to lost sales and poor customer feedback that can adversely affect a company’s sales capacity in the long run.

Aside from that, with the holiday season coming up, it is expected that many firms would be swamped with so many calls from customers. The reasons could be varied, from reserving a seat on an airplane to a bouquet of roses to be sent on a later date, all these would mean that the company would have to arrange for an order processing system that will improve their performance. Customers would appreciate this live answering service since this would mean that they would be talking to an actual person, instead of some robotic voice that would end up irritating them or, at worse, provide them with faulty service. A good customer service support system would ensure that the firm will get the best service possible.

Monday, November 28, 2011

24/7 Live Answering Service: A Great Tool for Hotel Booking

Earning good profits is the aim of many firms. Of course, if the business is basically a charity, then it would be a different story, but that would be for another topic. The important point here is that firms need to earn. One of the best means to do that would be through the use of a live answering service. This is especially handy for firms that need to rely on incoming customer calls in order to make a profit. In cases like these, it would make perfect sense that they would hire the services of an outsourced contact center. This would be the perfect solution for companies that have wished to arrange for a 24/7 live answering service. In this way, they can handle all calls coming to them, while reducing the number of dropped calls.

For companies involved in the hotel booking or in managing a hotel reservation system, arranging for a live operator to support their service is just one of their ways to improve their work. Given that the holiday season is coming, it is expected that people would calling for a hotel booking. By arranging for a good live answering service, the company would be able to address customer concerns and inquiries better. In addition to that, customers would be pleased that they are talking to an actual person, instead of dealing with a automated answering machine. That would also be an excellent form of customer service in itself already. It certainly is a worthy business investment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Advantage of Live Answering

For the numerous companies that need the phone calls of customers in order to make a sale, they would need the expertise of a live answering support service. This is especially true for those firms that are involved in the airline and hotel reservation industry. The use of an effective customer service support system allows such firms to increase their efficiency in answering calls, as well as reducing the amount of calls that has been dropped by customers simply because they do not have enough time to answer them. By hiring the services of a contact center with extensive live answering and order taking skills, they can be sure to get incredible results.

The holidays are certainly coming up, that is why many of these firms are bracing for the numerous phone calls that will surely come. There are countless people who would want to make travel plans before hand, and they are the kind that would want to be served fast. An extensive order processing, system can take care of that. Firm would then be able to answer all the call coming in, and still deliver superior service that many customers would love to have. It certainly is an arrangement that can work to their advantage. With the help of a contact center, all the work of the firms becomes even easier.

It surely is one strategy that would continue working in the long run. People will continue to make calls to make an order, and it is up to those answering them to make sure that they get the job done right.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Live Answering Service: Becoming An Important Part of Your Customer Service Support

Your customers will be more happy if you let them talk to real people than simply directing them to an answering machine. And why not? They become more endeared and respond positively if your telephone representatives will approach them in a pleasant and professional manner. As we all know, humans demand for human attention also. Hence it becomes very necessary to use the live answering service offered by inbound call centers to facilitate a better communication between you and your customers, both during and after office hours. Even if you are not around, or you are not in the office during weekends, you can still create a point of contact for your customers 24/7.

You can't expect your customers to understand your unavailability just because you lack the time and staff to take their calls. Luckily, you can use the live answering service to meet their needs even if you are in a peak of vacation or enjoying personal life. Although paying a live answering service appears to be more costly than using an answering machine, (the reason for this is that you pay operators for the number of hours they have worked for the job), outsourcing it to inbound call centers will still make it more reasonable because you can get the results minus all the expenses of hiring full time workers and erecting facilities.

If you are planning to get live answering service by way of outsourcing, choose an inbound call center with a team of live operators who have passed the highest standard of a call center. Through their help, you can get more customers while you increase the chance of getting higher customer retention rating.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Customer Service Support: A Smart Way to Earn

A company that invests on a live answering service stands to benefit more from this set up. Through this system, they would be able to handle more call, answer customer questions much more quickly, as well as free up key personnel to concentrate more on their core competencies. There are plenty of things that a company can do once they have successfully set up an order processing system for themselves. The sky is the limit, so to speak, when it comes to producing excellent results for the firm. The added flexibility, the efficiency, as well as the time and effort freed up more than compensates for the costs incurred in using a customer service support network.

This is even better once the company decides to outsource this task to a competent contact center. There are several advantages over this set up, as well as excellent reasons why this is much more advisable than an in-house live answering team. For one, it is cheaper. Smaller firms stand to benefit from lower costs of handling incoming calls. Second, such firms often have better trained personnel to handle their client’s calls. And third, a contact center is often very reliable when it comes to facilities and equipment needed for the smooth performance of the task. All these pose quite an attractive offer for the interested company.

Will this investment be beneficial for the firm in the long run? There is no doubt about it. Given the number of firms that are using a contact center to augment their live answering operations, then this service will certainly be here to stay.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Should You Hire An Inbound Call Center for Customer Service Support?

Inbound call centers are known for delivering dependable customer service support to their clients. Not only that, because these contact centers have employed the finest customer service representatives in the industry, businesses, whether a veteran or startup, have found themselves benefiting from several inbound call center services.

To start with, order taking and order processing no longer become a hassle because of the two important services that inbound call centers provide live-chat support and live answering service. How is that possible? By way of telephone or Internet, customers can already place their orders with all the needed information, minus the discomfort of filling in letters or emails. This is also very helpful to people who have disabilities and/or senior citizens who can't travel to the store without a companion. Most importantly, because processes are accomplished promptly, speedy sales are very possible to obtain when one takes advantage of the services of these contact centers.

Also, call centers specializing in inbound calls are capable in delivering additional services like information dissemination and technical support. Live telephone agents can take emergency calls and in cases of medical patients, they can inform medical institutions of an impending urgency. And if customers have problems regarding their electronic and mechanical gadgets, ( mobile phones, computers, laptops, washing machines, televisions, etc.), technically trained staff from these contact centers can also help.

See, inbound call centers can provide a range of services to their clients. So, if you are a businessman who wants to achieve business missions and objectives more easily, to work with them is the best choice to make.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Customer Service Support: Keeping Customers Satisfied

In a cutthroat market, what really persuades customers to move or stay with a company is customer support service. Instinctively, we believe that a good customer service program is a key factor in customer retention and extending service contracts. As observed, when one company delivers value, their customers tend to stay and do business repeatedly.

So if your business wants to improve it's customer service support, it is only wise to hire a company that offers live answering service. When you have live and professional people taking the calls, your customers' needs will be met instantaneously. There's no way around it. Customers demand for instant gratification. They like to have what they want right away. Also, when you have live people to talk to your customers instead of answering machines, you can serve your customers accordingly and it all boils down to the fact that you provide immediate and right response to customers' concerns, questions and expectations.

Live answering service is good when your company is offering order taking and order processing services. Good thing there are contact centers to help you out. They put advanced dialing systems and professional customer service representatives all in one roof. You can also trust them since they are experienced in interacting with your customers. So why else would you not consider having a live answering service?

Hire An Inbound Call Center to Improve Customer Service Program

'Care about your customers and they will return. Care about your merchandise and they wont.' The point is, customers love to see businesses that don't care mainly about their money. They stay because of the good customer service they receive from the company. However, most of the big firms today see handling customer support as an additional responsibility . With a lot of of ancillary business operations that needs to be done, they take customer service in low light. This should not be the case for a firm wanting to retain loyal customers and get new ones.

Good thing there are inbound call centers that offers live answering service and customer support to help you provide the highest standard of customer care to your customers. Their professional and skilled customer service support available 24/7 are there to handle every call whether or not it is a simple question or an inquiry. When you are able to meet needs immediately, you can make your customers satisfied and they can even help you advertise business to other enthusiastic buyers.

Well if you think customer service support is the one that can keep your customers coming, it is only wise to outsource to inbound call centers. Their state-of-the-art dialing systems and excellent inbound telemarketers will help you deliver quality service all the time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good Customer Service Support: Keeping Customers Satisfied

In a cutthroat market, what really persuades customers to move or stay with a company is customer support service. Instinctively, we believe that a good customer service program is a key factor in customer retention and extending service contracts. As observed, when one company delivers value, their customers tend to stay and do business repeatedly.

So if your business wants to improve it's customer service support, it is only wise to hire a company that offers live answering service. When you have live and professional people taking the calls, your customers' needs will be met instantaneously. There's no way around it. Customers demand for instant gratification. They like to have what they want right away. Also, when you have live people to talk to your customers instead of answering machines, you can serve your customers accordingly and it all boils down to the fact that you provide immediate and right response to customers' concerns, questions and expectations.

Live answering service is good when your company is offering order taking and order processing services. Good thing there are contact centers to help you out. They put advanced dialing systems and professional customer service representatives all in one roof. You can also trust them since they are experienced in interacting with your customers. So why else would you not consider having a live answering service?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Customer Service Support That Helps Keep Customers Satisfied

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, the reason why you need to focus on quality customer service support all the time. You have to make sure that your customers are beyond satisfied with your products/services, and your business is treating them right. But mistakes just happen. Sometimes your system breaks down, your employees screw up, you do, that ends up disappointing your customers. Not only that, your time, money and your reputation are at stake. Good thing there's a way out. Because of live answering services offered by call centers, you will now be able to render services like order taking and order processing to your customers at much faster pace. Meaning you can grant their requests instantaneously.

Companies that offer live answering services come in plenty today. They have put cutting edge technologies and efficient telephone representatives all in one roof to aid you in giving the highest standard of customer service. We all know that customers demand for instant gratification and they want to have what they want right away. With live answering service, you can serve them anytime of the day or night. You can take and process their orders whenever they demand.

So why else would you not consider having a live answering service? Outsourcing to call centers offering this service could be the wisest decision you could ever make for your business.

How to Improve Customer Service Support Using Live Chat and Answering Service

Try to put yourself in your customer's shoes. What would you feel if you contact a company, wait for endless hours and end up talking to an answering machine? Disappointed, aren't you? You feel bad because you haven't talked with a live person and only received a generic answering machine message. That is also how your customers feel about when you have not allowed live people to talk to them. . Instead of skilled telephone representatives to answer, you made them speak with machines that only bounces back their' concerns, questions and expectations.

Good thing this can be helped. You no longer need to use robocols in your business because a live chat support is there to help you out. The easy accessibility of this program will help you give quick answers to your customers' inquiries. Also you can handle more chat sessions because of its multitasking capability and because of more operators handling this task.

Aside from this, a live answering service will also do well for you. Professional call representatives will answer every call made by your customers, take their messages or answer their basic questions. You can trust these people for they are trained to interact with your customers effectively. They will also make it to the point not to put your business at stake for the entire process.

See, with all these benefits and more, you can trust a live chat support and live answering service to improve your customer support programs. If you consider them, it is better to look for call centers (they come in plenty today) for they are experienced in rendering services such these.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Improve Customer Service By Going 24/7

Having an in-house customer service call center surely does have its benefits. It allows you to maintain a working business relationship with your clients at any time of the day. Going 24/7 shows them that you are committed to providing them with the service they seek and require of you.

Customers are constantly looking for service and when they need more from you, they won't hesitate to instantly pick up a phone and make contact with your company. Purchasing orders should be acknowledged immediately; you need to keep your sales flowing. Clients will constantly be placing purchase orders from you and it's your job to make sure that they are addressed. Giving your clients assurance that you meet their expectations and deliver proper service is a big benefit to your business relationship with them.

Your order processing service should be quick to keep those purchase orders liquid and flowing. Providing customers with such a reliable and convenient service is sure to keep you in long-term business deals with them. However, if you're thinking of the overall cost of the whole thing, then you should consider outsourcing. It's still a good way to keep your customers in contact with you and you still provide clients with the professional service they want to be receiving from you. This way, doing 24/7 business is very achievable.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Must be the Competencies of Your Chosen Contact Center

Several companies reduce costs and attain higher customer satisfaction when they outsource their customer service support. Their sweet escape from the capital expenses of building an on-site contact center save them not just their money but also time and other resources. Another big feat is that, the risks are shared with the outsourcing partner. They do not bear all the burden of such non-core function. In fact, they do less because the chosen inbound call center shoulders most of the responsibilities, from inquiry/complaint handling down to cross-selling and upselling.

It is good to know how much of your resources are saved when you opt to befriend a reputable telemarketing firm. However, there are also risks involved. It is also possible that you may land on a mediocre outsourcer, the one that only runs after your money but performs poorly. In that case, you will spend more than you think and your company's reputation is besmirched. I bet you never dream of this unfortunate circumstance, not even in your worst nightmares. But, it can turn out to be a reality when you are not too careful of which contact center you are working with.

It is therefore a necessity to probe the competencies of a prospective service provider. Evaluating how the outsourcer works avoids the mistake of falling for the wrong one. The list below enumerates some of the attributes of a first-rate inbound call center:

• Operates 24/7 live answering service, both over the telephone and the Internet;
• Can handle high volume of phone calls;
• Installs specialized call center applications where communication lines perform well even if the caller is on the other side of the Earth;
• Exposes live operators to extensive trainings before putting into actual work; and
• Provides around-the-clock client support; regularly sends reports and updates.

Whether you go for an in-house or outsourcing, your brand is at stake in the conduct of customer care programs. If you choose to seek professional assistance, do not settle for anything less than the best.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Include Order Taking and Processing in Inbound Services

More often than not, some companies only include inquiry and complaint handling in their customer care programs. Their live answering services are limited to giving solutions for simple and complex queries. Little did they know that the toll free numbers where clients call can be optimized. They should include order taking and processing as additional inbound services to their growing companies. Implementing this program makes it easier for buyers to purchase goods and follow-up their orders. Besides, they are relieved from the costs and burden of face-to-face interaction. During this time where most products are instant, it is expected that customers will look for the fastest and most comfortable way.

Adding the two functions increases customer satisfaction and retention, and revenue. Customers appreciate the services you furnish just to make buying activities more convenient than in the past. Getting their sympathy is the right way to make them stay. You do know how expensive it is to find new customers than retaining existing ones. Also, they can recommend your firm to other people. This opens chances of generating new sales leads. On the other hand, you can make more sales with the use of the telephone. The more avenues you have, the more chances of capturing every sales opportunity. People nowadays prefer the easiest way to do business. It would not come as a surprise that they will choose making a phone call than walking down to your office.

Do not stop exploring the services than can be implemented through telemarketing. Maximize the power of telephones both in client support and selling activities. If you have outsourced or plan to outsource inbound services, include order taking and order processing in the menu now.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Giving Your Customers A Voice By Improving Customer Service Support

No company is immune from receiving negative comments coming from customers. However, there are also times when praises and simple words of appreciation are the contents of feedback. Both of these help improve the performance of a company and aids in correcting practices, services and products which went haywire.

One of a firm's social responsibility is to give its customers a voice to speak out what they think and feel about a particular issue, product or service. However, it is only through an improved customer service support that this customer empowerment can be achieved.

An enhanced customer care houses more than voicemails and automated set-ups. I bet that only few individuals will have the patience to hear a recording and leave a message. It is a must that an answering service which welcomes inquiries, complaints and gratitude be made with a live operator. Through this, more customers, if not all, are going to spend time to communicate their sentiments, both good and bad. In addition, any conflict and problem can be directly open up to be resolved as early and as humane as possible.

Aside from the telephone, customers who are active over the Internet must also be given an outlet to discuss what they need and desire through a live chat support. More avenues means that more people are served. A live answering service and live chat support which are around-the-clock is a good customer service support that will provide convenience, comfort and ease to every person. Customers will find it more accommodating to know that they can make a beep anytime and anywhere they want to. This is palpably an authentic expression of customer care.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Live Chat Support: A Good Supplement to Your Customer Care Programs

Almost everybody is going online. Teenagers, family members, couples, consumers and businessmen as well are using every little benefit available in the Internet. For sales prospects, they scout for goods that can be bought out of the convenience of online business. Others search for product reviews, prices, specifications and shipping terms for international trade. Aside from social networking, online chatting and voluminous information, business is in a rampage over the World Wide Web.

I bet some of your existing and would-be customers are also having their sessions online. Without a doubt, this is a good opportunity for you to extend your customer care program and live answering service in the Internet through a live chat support. If you attach this application to your website, visitors of your web pages will find it convenient to reach you. Live chat support is the ideal channel to answer low to moderately complex product and service support. It can also be a means to conduct surveys without being intrusive.

Live chat support is almost the same with instant messaging, but the “chatting” happens between your customer service representative and a customer. It allows support staff to reach out to customers get involved in a one-to-one interaction. It also extends communication opportunities while maximizing customer satisfaction with website experience. In a study conducted y Phplivesupport.com, an online buyer who utilizes a chat support is 20% more likely to purchase than a person who does not.

If you do not have a live chat support you should add it in the roster of your customer care services to increase customer satisfaction.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Non-Stop Sales With Order Taking Services

When the clock stops at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, then you know that it's time to turn the lights off and head home. But during this period when the office is no longer open, many more of your valued customers could be trying to reach your company to place their orders for more materials or products. Now that you think about it, wouldn't those incoming calls be potential sales for you? However, since no one is at the office, then there's no way for you to acknowledge those orders. So, to make sure that you're able to maximize each and every single second, why not consider employing the help of order taking services.

Through the use of order taking services, you can assure yourself that no order goes to waste. Rather than losing sales and customers, you can keep on answering to their demands whilst meeting the expectations of your clients.

If you want to keep spending to a minimum, then you can outsource your order taking service to an inbound call center. This way, you won't need to hire additional staff, save on office space, and still meet client demands. Ensure long term profits and customer satisfaction with this kind of service, while still being professional and showing your customers that you are the company they should be staying with.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Checklist of A Good Inbound Call Center

When you decide to outsource your customer care, the challenge lies on picking the right and good-performing inbound call center. This means picking one partner out of the thousands in the industry. Selecting the “chosen one” does not rest on the price alone nor on the technology or reviews from web forums and social networking sites. You have to make sure that you are dealing with the one which is not less than the best.

More often than not, an inbound call center is a community of committed and dedicated people driven by a common beliefs and values, with the same purpose and performing to provide a one-of-a-kind customer care. However, not all contact centers have what it takes to be the good one.

Here is a brief guide in choosing a good inbound call center:

• Productivity. Cost-effective operations are made without compromising customer satisfaction and quality performance. Productivity is the attribute which is the balance between efficiency and effectiveness, which means that resources are not wasted while goals are achieved.

• Realization of revenue. Since the main purpose of inbound call centers is customer service support, customer retention and attraction of potential customers are needed to attain. The result of which is the inflow of revenue to the company.

• Employee satisfaction. Key players of customer care ought to be satisfied with their work life. Excellent call centers have employed empowered, motivated and happy representatives to double effectiveness in the profession.

• Customer satisfaction. This is without doubt the reason why firms release tons of money. This is so because customers who are satisfied are the same people who will bring money in a business entity through continuous subscription to products and services.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Catch Every Call Overflow Through Outsourcing Inbound Call Center

Phone calls that are unanswered do not only happen beyond business hours. There are times during business operations, particularly during peak periods, when a heavy traffic of phone calls is coming over the telephone wires of the company. Due to a limited answering service, overflowing calls are unattended. If customers of unanswered beeps do not call two or more attempts, they are considered as part of a firm's lost opportunities.

In order to prevent this scenario from occurring, it is then highly recommended to outsource an inbound call center which will provide the assistance that a company needs. Most inbound call centers, specifically those enlisted in the best-in-class category, offer solutions to overflowing calls. They employ telephone operators who are pros in terms of customer service. Moreover, they have the technological advancements that connect even the remotest customer.

On the other hand, they do not only catch every call overflow. Contact centers are the best partners in installing a sleepless customer service support. This is done through a 24/7 live answering service. Through this, even midnight calls or early dawn beeps can be entertained with the same efficiency. Aside from losing opportunities, this undertaking has double effects. It boosts customer satisfaction, which leads to an increase of sales performance.

You can actually access to other services being offered by inbound call centers. This assistance include, but not limited to, live chat support, order taking, order processing, inquiry and complaint handling, reservations and bookings.