Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Include Order Taking and Processing in Inbound Services

More often than not, some companies only include inquiry and complaint handling in their customer care programs. Their live answering services are limited to giving solutions for simple and complex queries. Little did they know that the toll free numbers where clients call can be optimized. They should include order taking and processing as additional inbound services to their growing companies. Implementing this program makes it easier for buyers to purchase goods and follow-up their orders. Besides, they are relieved from the costs and burden of face-to-face interaction. During this time where most products are instant, it is expected that customers will look for the fastest and most comfortable way.

Adding the two functions increases customer satisfaction and retention, and revenue. Customers appreciate the services you furnish just to make buying activities more convenient than in the past. Getting their sympathy is the right way to make them stay. You do know how expensive it is to find new customers than retaining existing ones. Also, they can recommend your firm to other people. This opens chances of generating new sales leads. On the other hand, you can make more sales with the use of the telephone. The more avenues you have, the more chances of capturing every sales opportunity. People nowadays prefer the easiest way to do business. It would not come as a surprise that they will choose making a phone call than walking down to your office.

Do not stop exploring the services than can be implemented through telemarketing. Maximize the power of telephones both in client support and selling activities. If you have outsourced or plan to outsource inbound services, include order taking and order processing in the menu now.