Monday, May 24, 2010

Multiply Your Business Profits with 24 Hour Answering Service

How much missed sales costing you for missing some calls from your prospective clients? Does your business need to answer customer calls 24 hours a day? Are you tired of answering too many calls and wished that you can have the receptionist who could represent your business on your behalf? Why not take advantage of the benefits of a live 24 hour answering service? With the economy on the tough edge, you can’t afford to lose customers and definitely lose your business sales. 24 hour answering service will definitely take you and your business on lead of the competition.

24 Hour Answering Service
doesn’t only offer round-the-clock service but also an effective approach to reach customers by interpersonal conversation. Customers usually like to get assisted by a live person who could understand their true feelings and could relate to everything they said. Offering your clients with a live answering service representative to answer all their questions and inquiries will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and efficiency of the quality of your service.

Indeed, 24 hour answering service has so many advantages. To stay competitive in this market, a stand-out and trusted 24/7 answering service is a must! You can’t go wrong with this. A clever way to keep your customers satisfied and boosts your business profits in no time!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Order Taking Service is a Key Step in the Sales Process

Making up a complete order on the phone would mean effective and quick answering service. It would always take someone’s availability to do the order taking. There would come a time that the phone rings successively and no one is available to take them all, this may suggests missed opportunity. But there are also instances by which some calls are not accommodated because all lines are busy. Order taking in other words is not just about with the availability of the call takers but more importantly with the accessibility of phone lines. There are times that customers would just walk away and not even knowing that they made a call. That would be very sad because missing a call could mean missing an opportunity. An opportunity may be a sale or order or even a simple inquiry which can be a lead.

With order taking and lead generation on the phone, you should make sure that calls are answered quickly because customers would tend to hang up after few seconds of no answer. Likewise, you should also make sure that phone lines are used efficiently because you could be missing out a lot of orders if not. Because of this, businesses would often hire a call center contact solution to do the call answering for order taking and order process fulfillment needs to secure telephone sales. With inbound call center you are assured that every business call will be accommodated properly.

Order taking services have been a major part call centers today. They are there to take people’s orders anytime of the day or night and answer queries regarding the product or service.

They take orders, process them and complete sale for their customers. Having this service from fully-dedicated inbound call center answering service would be a very relieving feeling for the businesses that often struggle from order taking and order processing. Knowing also that the call center you are into is really good in selling your product or service, would give you assurance that you could increase your sales in just a matter of time.

Order taking through inbound call centers ensures customers that their words are taken well. Whatever call they may do, rest assured that this is delivered to the right people. Whenever they have questions that need to be answered immediately, the skilled call takers would always be available to do them all. This is how the order taking service of call centers functions to help businesses in securing every sale via phone. Telephone sale requires skill and efficient use of phone that is why these centers provide professionals to have the order taking, order processing and the complete sale as a whole.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Order Taking Service for Flower Shops

Order taking is essential in managing your growing flower shop business. Calls are answered promptly that is why you are not worried about missing them. If you struggle with few staff to cover the calls during peak times, then the highly skilled representatives of call centers can manage them for you.

Trained operators are available 24/7 to take all calls. Their order taking answering service provides call coverage whenever you need it. If there are orders, they can quickly relay them to you, thus, making your service accurate. Your business can benefit a lot because you can take more calls, process more orders, and make more sales. Your business can take full advantage of their 24-hour call answering service. You can still make sales even you are not around. It expands your business because you can focus on your core business while not worrying about who will handle the order taking for you.

When it comes to order taking, not all inbound call centers can deliver efficient and accurate call takers. Choosing a partner that is reliable is also your concern. In choosing an order taking provider, consider every aspect of your product and service. You must also consider the prospects you want to reach, the brand or image you want to portray and maintain. Make it sure that the provider can give you knowledgeable operators that can handle complexities of your product and service. They should be very good in terms of interpersonal communication for them to answer even the least frequently asked questions from your customers.

Moreover, the call takers that handle the order taking should be good communicators. By their good marketing skills, they can secure telephone sales for you. They can assure you of an effective way of promoting your product and service. Every call is important. The professional call takers make it sure that all calls are taken and all customer queries are accommodated. If you will be able to take more calls then you can take more sales for the day.

Having a good order-taking service means having a good telemarketing tool. It can boost your sales and establish good selling products. Trained call takers take down orders and process them effectively. They are capable of clearing out every customer’s query and turning every call into a sale. If you can not afford loosing a sale by missing a call then perhaps you need a call center that can offer you an excellent order taking service.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Proper Ways of Answering Telephone Calls

Telephone is very important for b2b companies. The manner of answering it determines the success and failure of a business. Here are 10 tips that you can use for answering calls appropriately:

1. Answer the call on the third ring. Do not answer too quickly or too longer. You may catch your caller off guard or he may leave you hanging.

2. Greet the caller with a warmth tone of your voice. First impression really lasts.

3. Introduce yourself and your company clearly. Assure them that they made the right call.

4. Observe the clarity of your words. Make sure that they understand everything that you say.

5. Be optimistic and kind. If you can not help the caller, offer someone that can help him.

6. Always have a telephone message pad with you. You will need it in taking down notes, time of call, name and company of caller, who the message is for and the nature of the call. Clarify anything that may confuse you.

7. Make sure that all messages are delivered to the right people promptly and accurately.

8. Always ask permission whenever you will put a caller on hold. If you will do that, just make sure that it will not take longer than 30 seconds.

9. Do not use your speaker phone. The caller may think that someone else might be listening in. It may confuse him.

10. Return all calls from messages as soon as possible. Make it within one business day. If you fail then, offer your apology and hand help with their queries.

In reality, most small businesses struggle from missing important calls. You may be with customers, in a meeting or out of office. Yes, answering machines and mobile phones can help, yet many potential customers dislike leaving messages to them. Better employ a telephone answering service, with your assigned contact number and live office support, they will take every call as if they are your own receptionist. They can handle calls exactly as what you have told them and they will relay messages to you accurately. These service providers also offer secretarial services that will get your post and correspondence handled, and your filing complete.