Thursday, June 17, 2010

Callbox Connect Answering Service

Do you think your company could use more profit? What company couldn't? With Callbox Connect Answering Service, you can find services that allow you to create profit more efficiently and easily. Whether you're in manufacturing, retail, or shipping, Callbox Connect Answering Service offers live operators and superior services that could help boost your profit.

How much time are you wasting by having your staff take routine phone calls? When you have Callbox Answering Service, you can get back this time by having live operators answer your reoccurring customer and clients calls. Callbox Connect Answering Service operators answer your calls and your common customer and client questions, allowing your employees to eliminate a number of unnecessary calls. Your employees won't have to answer questions about your office hours, events, general policies, or company e-mail addresses: Callbox Connect Answering Service operators will do it for you. You can also have Callbox Connect Answering Service operators do a number of routine business phone tasks: our live operators will cover your order taking, appointment setting, customer phone surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and much more! While other companies rely on their office staff to conduct these tasks, your business will be streets ahead by having Callbox Connect Answering Service operators taking over your every day employee telephone responsibilities.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reason to Use a Phone Answering Service: Projects Good Image

Anyone would want to use a phone answering service for their businesses. Wondering why?

An image that others only read about in magazines can be achieved now with the aid of a phone answering service. Through effective phone answering service, small businesses can project the image of a much larger business or company. Through the use of a phone answering service, you’ll project the professionalism inherent in you’re field of endeavor. When a phone answering service receives calls, they will enhance every aspect of your company’s professional image, allowing your business to stand out from the crowd. Spend more time on delegating and doing business instead of worrying if who is doing the admin tasks with phone answering service.

Achieve that professional image for your products and services now with CallboxConnect and have that picture perfect!